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Tiffany Lucida® Engagement Ring

Tiffany & Co. introduced its patented Lucida® diamond cut in 1999. Its name is evocative of the most brilliant star in a constellation.

The Lucida® diamond is a mixed square cut with 50 facets. It has a high crown, wide corners, a small table and a brilliant pavilion. Such proportions are reminiscent of antique diamonds such as the Asscher and cushion cuts.

Tiffany & Co. designed a special setting to showcase its new cut. The gracefully curved four-prong mounting sits on a thicker band which tapers towards the back.

The Lucida® setting is available in platinum and 18K gold. The diamond is available in sizes from .30 carat and up.

The Lucida® engagement ring has clean, modern lines with classic styling. Its elegant simplicity, and Tiffany pedigree, ensure that it will become a favorite among brides-to-be.

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