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The most enjoyable aspect of shopping for an engagement ring is finding the perfect ring style! Consider the preferences, tastes and personality of the wearer. Does she prefer simple and modern? The sparkle of side stones? Antique style filigree? There's a wide range of choices, just some of which are presented below.

The classic six-prong solitaire was introduced by Tiffany in 1886, and has endured through the ages by virtue of its simplicity.

A variation on the solitaire may include carved or engraved designs on the band.

If you'd like to add some sparkle, consider side stones. They are often seen in rows of one, two, three or more, on either side of the center diamond. Elegant baguette diamonds are another option.

A wonderful way to enhance the apparent size of the center diamond is an illusion setting, an idea borrowed from the 1930s-40s. The diamond sits in an elaborately carved center box; modern variations sometimes incorporate tiny pave stones.

Antique styles are currently in vogue, and often feature the elaborate, lace-like filigree detail popular in the Edwardian era.

Modern designers are getting in on the act, and creating their own lines of engagement rings. Magazine ads, and a trip to the jeweler, will show you the latest styles on offer. Keep in mind that a designer name usually comes with a designer price tag!

If you're surprising your beloved with the ring, try to get an idea of her style when shopping or surfing the web together. Notice the style of the other jewelry she wears. Her friends (or relatives) can be an invaluable source of information; and she may very well drop you a few hints herself!

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