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Proposal Ideas - How to Pop the Question

Plan a picnic together in a park or at the beach. Write “Marry Me” on the ground with flowers or seashells. If you are at the beach, you can present her with the engagement ring in a clam shell. If in a park, tie the ring to a flower.

Take her to dinner at a romantic restaurant. Arrange for the chef to write “Will You Marry Me?” with chocolate sauce on the dessert plate. You may even want to include the engagement ring on the dessert plate.

Buy a small book of love poetry, and hollow out a space through the pages the size of the ring. Secure the engagement ring in the hole with a bit of tape, and insert a special poem of your own on top.

Steam a fortune cookie until it’s soft enough to open. Insert the engagement ring, and your own “Will You Marry Me?” fortune.

Surprise her with a beautiful bouquet of her favorite flowers. Use a ribbon to tie the engagement ring to one of the stems.

Make a video of yourself proposing to her, and burn it onto a DVD. The next time the two of you rent a movie, turn out the lights and secretly insert your proposal DVD into the player instead.

Create a website asking her to marry you. Include photos of the two of you, and have it play your song in the background. Suggest that you surf the web together for some reason, and bring up the page after visiting a few other sites.

If your sweetheart has a sweet tooth, give her a box of chocolates with one chocolate missing and the engagement ring in its place.

Propose to her where you had your first date, first kiss, or where you first met.

Create a CD of “your” songs, and print the proposal on the label or cover.

Have a sterling silver heart charm engraved with the words “Will You Marry Me?” Put in on a necklace or charm bracelet, and give it to her as a gift. Then present her with the engagement ring.

Write out “Will You Marry Me?” with glow in the dark stars or letters on your ceiling.


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