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Edwardian Engagement Rings

The Edwardian era began in 1901 when Edward VII became King of England. He and his elegant wife Alexandra were the fashionable leaders of the Belle Epoque. Although Edward died in 1910, the period extends through World War I in jewelry design terms.

Engagement rings from this time period were typically made of platinum or white gold. A white-on-white look was popular in fashion, and extended to the jewelry styles of the time.

Antique engagement rings from the early twentieth century often feature fine, lace-like filigree detail. The filigree engagement ring designs sometimes incorporate bows, flowers or birds on either side of the center diamond.

Antique filigree engagement rings are in high demand, but may still be found in estate jewelry stores today. It is advisable to wear a filigree ring alone on the finger, with the wedding band on the opposite hand. This will best highlight the beautiful craftsmanship of the engagement ring, and protect the filigree from being damaged by rubbing against another ring.

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