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How to Clean and Care for Your Engagement Ring

The best way to keep your diamond engagement ring sparkling is to rinse it under hot water every night when you remove it. Running hot water will remove any dirt, oils or hand cream that has built up on it during the day. Just be sure to put the stopper in your sink, so you don't lose your engagement ring down the drain! A wire tea strainer may be used to hold your ring while rinsing it.

You can also periodically clean your diamond with a soft baby's toothbrush. Fill a small bowl or container with warm water and mild detergent until it is sudsy. Gently scrub the diamond with the toothbrush (while in the suds) to loosen dirt, then rinse under hot water. Try to avoid brushing the band of the engagement ring, as it can cause fine scratches in the gold.

For a more thorough cleaning, visit your local jeweler and ask them to put your engagement ring in their ultrasonic or steam cleaner. At the same time, you can have them check your prongs and make sure all diamonds are secure.

Remove your engagement ring during rough manual work, or when using harsh chemicals.

When it's not on your finger, store your engagement ring in its own box or fabric pouch so that it is not scratched by other pieces of jewelry.


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