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Proposing on a Grand Scale

Have a plane fly a banner, or write your proposal in the sky. Have the engagement ring on hand to present to her when she notices it.

Take her to the movies, and arrange beforehand to have your proposal displayed on the screen before the film.

Have your proposal flash up on the scoreboard at a local sporting event.

Take her on a romantic trip, and propose in grand style at a famous site: give her the engagement ring at the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State building, St. Mark’s Square in Venice, etc.

Go to karaoke night at a local bar, sing her a favorite love song, and finish with your proposal.

Take her to an aquarium. Arrange beforehand to have a sign, with your proposal written on it, inserted into one of the displays. Or, have a scuba diver carry a sign with your message during one of the shows. Consider putting the engagement ring in a clam shell when you present it to her.

Create a painting with your proposal, and ask a local gallery or small museum to hang it while you visit there with her.

If you (or she) has a fence in the backyard, use Christmas lights to spell out “Will You Marry Me” on it. Add an outline of a diamond engagement ring if you're feeling creative.

Take out a full page ad for your proposal in your local newspaper (you can even include a photo of the engagement ring!)

Attend a local fireworks show, and have the coordinator announce your proposal in front of the whole town.


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